Three Tier Cupcake Stand

  • Non-Themed
  • Rs 2150
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Colombo, Mount Lavinia

                            Contact No: 0775969688

Looking to showcase your cupcakes proudly? Let an elegant stand do all the work for you. Display your creations proudly on the Stokes Cupcake Stand.

The Stokes Cupcake Stand gives you a perfect party platter to show off all you deliciously sweet cupcake masterpieces. Equipped with three layers, this iron cupcake stand gives you plenty of room to allow all of your baked goods to stand proudly and attractively. The Stokes Cupcake Stand comes easy to install, making it an efficient way to display and serve your pastries.

Let the Stokes Cupcake Stand give your dining or buffet table that extra touch of sweetness. Make sure to pair your Cupcake Stand with the perfect set of party plates and party napkins available at Lazada and give your shindig the best touches.